Having a healthy and peaceful relationship is important in our lives. A saying goes that a happy family is a key to success. But there are some relationships that can cause stress. Experts say that these unhealthy relationships can increase emotional and mental stress levels.

Since most of these relationships are impossible to end, we might need to work hard for them. This means focusing our attention on the inherent stressors within relationships. And doing our best to end, or at least reduce, stress where possible. 


Relationship Stressors

Marriage Relationship


One of the major stressors in relationships is poor communication between spouses. For instance, being angry at your mate because you feel as if your mate doesn’t love you. Many choose not to talk about the problem. But resorting to communication gaps can lead to serious problems. So instead, be open and articulate your exact needs. In this way, you can help ease the tension in your relationship.


Another source of stress in spouses is suspicious feelings. For example, you might feel that your mate is not supportive of your efforts, either at home or at work. You may feel as if your spouse doesn’t appreciate all your hard work and effort. This could lead you to overachieve, thinking that, by doing so, you will win your mate’s support and love. Yet, such a tactic could backfire, causing you more stress than you need.


Relationship with Parents


But relationships with a spouse may not be the only relationship that can cause stress. Relationships with parents can also cause burden and stress. For instance, you feel stressed when your parents disapprove of your career or spouse. The fear of disapproval can lead to tension, which can give rise to stress. 

Understanding your parent’s perspective can help smooth out the tensions in your relationship. Also, try to boost your self-confidence when it comes to decision-making. You can also learn from your parent’s criticism to become a better person.


Sibling Rivalries


Sibling rivalries can also cause a great deal of stress. The constant feeling of the need to compete with siblings can cause insecurities. If this is your case, you might need to re-order your priorities. 

Know that your siblings are unique individuals. By doing this, you can respect and appreciate their talents. Understand that competition between siblings is not helpful and is more counter-productive. Once you stop competing, you might find that your sibling calls a halt to the competition as well. In this way, you can both learn to find common ground—to work together rather than against each other.


Relationship With Your Workmates


A stressful relationship with one of your co-workers is common. You might find that minuscule details can cause conflict. The worst thing you could do is to let things simmer until they reach the boiling point. Your supervisor might need to intervene if things are out of hand. 


Things to remember

Keep in mind that you cannot completely eliminate stress from your relationships. However, minimizing this stress is possible. Healthy communication, putting your views from the other person’s perspective, and dealing with differences in an open and honest way, can reduce stress in relationships. You’ll discover that you’ll be happier and healthier if you follow these stress-busting techniques.