Food can affect our state of mind. A good example is when women are propelled to eat chocolate during PMS. There’s something in that chocolate that makes them feel so good! We’ve also seen children throwing fits in the cereal aisles where all the sweets have been placed for impulse buying. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen such outbursts in the broccoli aisle. People crave almost instinctively comfort foods that are high in carbohydrates. Which the body immediately converts into sugar in the bloodstream upon consumption. Eating processed foods that contain high amounts of sugars can cause diabetes. Even cooked starches that some consider healthy, such as potatoes, rice, and pasta, are converted into simple sugars in the body. This gives an immediate burst of false energy and a short-lived sense of wellbeing. Then followed by a nasty letdown and what some call ‘self-induced hypoglycemia.’ After this letdown phase, the body compels one to eat more of the substance that gave it that happy rush. This then sets up for addictions. Ever tried to be in a good mood or get lots of work done when you are in the throes of caffeine withdrawal? The major function of antidepressants is to enhance the uptake of ‘feel-good hormone. When this brain chemical is low, people crave carbohydrates and comfort foods to get it.

But if we can properly nourish our brain, we can avoid suffering from nutrient deficiencies. And so, we can also avoid the addictions that keep us bound to the constant highs and lows. There is a sound and foolproof way to do this. One of the main reasons a vegan diet is good is because vegetables contain fibers to keep the intestinal tract and colon clean. It is also helpful for maintaining stable moods since it’s all-natural. If we overload the colon with waste, it would recirculate all over this waste in the bloodstream. How peaceful and blissful do you think you can feel with your body’s own waste nourishing your brain? Consuming foods with high in fiber and natural sugars also eliminates the wild blood sugar swings. Which is notorious for depleting our serotonin supplies.

After a period of detoxification, our minds can become clearer and sharper. Better health also brings an improved outlook on life and renewed hope. When we look better, perhaps by dropping a few pounds having clearer skin, we definitely strike a more cheerful tone. On a healthy food diet, our brain becomes cleansed and nourished on a cellular level. And our senses sharpen and we see the sun come out in our life once again. Won’t you love eating naturally?