conquering stress and anxiety

Have you ever had one of those days that you wish that your stress and anxieties would end? It seems like nothing is going right for you. Think positive; there is hope for you. You can do some things to help you relax, clear your head, and think straight. Are you thinking, huh, ok, how will that be possible to do? Here is what you might want to try. This may help you relax some and be able to think right.

What can you do in times of stress?


  • Stay Calm. Staying calm is a vital step in dealing with a stressful situation. It is always good to clear your head and relax. Try breathing and other stress relief techniques to help reverse the fight-or-flight mechanism your body uses when stressed.
  • Focus On What You Can Control. When confronted with a stressful situation, you may feel unable to do anything but wish your situation would change. Rather than be affected, focus on what you could do. You may not be able to control your situation, but you may be able to manage your response to it.
  • Have a Positive Mind-Set. Often, negative feelings are not a result of a stressful situation but of how we view them. Do not hold to negative emotions such as anxiety, loneliness, or anger. Redirect your energies to something more productive.
  • Have a Good Sense of Humor. A good sense of humor and a positive disposition can help you cope with stress. Having friends with whom you can laugh is a wonderful tonic. A Spanish author of the 17th century once wrote: “If we could spend good humor, I think we would live healthier.”
  • Get Support If You Need It. Confide with a trusted family member or friend. Many find that expressing their feelings with their marriage mate, friend, or colleague reduces stress. The support of loved ones is an effective way to reduce stress-related disorders. However, if you still need support, it might be a good idea to see a professional. Consider talking to your doctor or mental health professional.

Don’t Stress It!

There is nothing you can do to keep stress from your life. However, your may process your feeling and control them. Furthermore, we should strive to think in a rational way, rejecting distorted or irrational thoughts that only exaggerate our stress. Focus on the things that will help us to cultivate a positive viewpoint. Always think of happy thoughts and recognize that a negative viewpoint can be deceptive.

Moreover, it is vitally important to have supportive family and friends who do not only listen but also give you good advice. Having someone to help you have fun and get your mind off of the things that stress you can also be helpful.

So don’t stress it! Stress will take you as far as you will let it go. Therefore, you need to find some ways to control it before it controls you.