marital problems

Ahh, marriage. You may remember when you saw your future mate for the first time. Or you might remember the moment you realized that this was the person you wanted to marry. Those memories are special reminders of the euphoria of falling in love. They’re moments you’d like to cling to for the rest of your life.


Then, reality hits you. Perhaps during the first month of your marriage. Or happened 1 year after your engagement. This might not have occurred until five years down the road. In any case, you find yourself under a great deal of stress and you trace the cause that leads to your spouse. Causes can vary from financial problems, raising children, and indifferences. 


Certainly, we all want to have a blissful marriage experience. But whether or not we accept it, marriage can cause stressful situations. Trying to live together in harmony can cause stress, not to mention the occasional disagreements.


Fortunately, the stress within marriage is manageable. For instance, you can diffuse a great deal of tension if you spend more time together. Many couples enjoy scheduling a “date night” when they make sure that they spend a few hours alone. The date night can include dinner, dancing, or a walk in the woods. The goal is to re-connect, re-discover all those things that caused you to fall in love with each other.


You might also find it helpful to engage in a recreational activity together, like exercising. Exercising together can be relaxing and can help you better manage your stress level. Exercise also allows you to see your spouse in a different light—as a partner rather than a competitor. In the end, you might find that you are both happier and healthier because of exercise.


Another technique that can help you handle marital stress is to schedule a “couple’s meeting” each week. This is a time set for re-focusing your priorities, discussing problems during the week, and planning for the coming week.  You might have disagreements during such meetings. But the important thing is to communicate and to do so consistently.


The tension between spouses can worsen if the other half got diagnosed with a serious illness. Caring for a sick loved one, while providing financial and emotional needs for the family, can cause burnout. In this kind of situation, ask other family members for help. But what if your marital stress becomes unbearable? If you still find yourself to be under a great deal of stress, consider consulting an outside party

Marital stress is serious business. If kept unsolved, it can lead to divorce—a divorce you might regret later on. Commit to deal with marital stress as soon as possible. In this way, you can work to ensure that minor problems will not lead to big ones that can worsen your stress. By following some simple steps, you can recharge your batteries, reduce your stress, and fall in love with your spouse all over again.